The first post on my new blog, and it feels a little like I’m talking to myself. If you are reading this though I am not and ought to be sharing a little bit about me and this blog.

First up I live, unsurprisingly, by the sea. For the last decade I have been living in Devon and as I look out of my lounge window I can tell whether it’s high or low tide and what the sea conditions are like. I love the great outdoors and try and make the most of what’s on my doorstep. A good summer usually means a few camping trips and pre-child I used to get in a few dives and some snorkelling.

As far as I’m concerned this is the perfect place to bring up a child. I’ve just got the one, a sassy, funny little three year old who happens to have a genetic condition called CHARGE syndrome. In her case the biggest obstacle is her dual sensory loss – she’s classed as deaf-blind-but she continually amazes those who see what she achieves. The highs and lows of our life are pretty likely to feature!

We have great fun crafting together, although I’m pretty hopeless, but when I have some time to myself I have fun toting a camera and reading. I have got a poor, neglected book blog that really suffered when my little darling stopped her 2 hour daily naps. I’m also a convert to comping. While I love free stuff (have been a Bzz Agent for years) I was the original cynic who didn’t believe people really won the prizes, or that if they did it was probably a fix, but have been astounded by the luck of a friend. Having decided you’ve got to be in it to win it I’ve hit a bit of a lucky streak of my own lately.

By now you probably have an idea of what is likely to make its way onto these pages. You might also spy me singing the praises of great services and products, as I feel too often we are quick to complain about the bad, but never give credit to the good. Frankly it’s gonna be a mish-mash but I hope you enjoy!


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2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Gina Caro says:

    Just wanted to say Hi form another Devon Mummy. Lovely blog x

  2. tcbythesea says:

    Hi Gina, thanks for saying Hi, great to hear from another Devon Mum. I’ll be visiting your blog lots for more ideas of places to go, great ideas you have!

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