London Bound

Today has been marked in my diary for 6 weeks or so, ever since I got an email from Appletiser informing me I had won 2 tickets to a gig. Now it’s finally here I’m more than a little excited. Score 1 – free tickets for what will hopefully be a good night out. Although she’s been out of the limelight for a while I remember Eliza Doolittle’s hits, and can still sing merrily along to Pack Up Your Troubles.

An evening event in London for a girl who lives near Exeter basically demands an overnight stay. Score 2 – over the last three and half years or so I haven’t had many nights out where I haven’t then had to get up with Abi in the morning (or half way through the night) In fact I can count them on one hand and not need the thumb or all of the fingers. Staying over means a lie in!

As him indoors is working and couldn’t get the time off I invited one of my bestest buds to come along. We’ve been mates since primary school but now, living 200+ miles apart, don’t see each other anywhere near often enough. Score 3  – the pair of us get a night off of mum duties and even appear to have managed to persuade her husband to let her go early so we can have dinner out! The final kicker is that a friend and his wife also won tickets so we’ll be catching up with them too.

I’m sure I’m not the only mum for whom a night out like this becomes a massive deal, and I’m not sure how much of my excitement is because being a parent has changed me and how much is because I am now thoroughly Devon-ised so the lure of the big lights is that much stronger. Don’t get me wrong, we go out to see bands and comedians in places like Plymouth but there’s something special about London. Whichever it is tonight should be a good night, a proper little break to relax and refresh and that is what matters.

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