If music be the food of love….

…then I’m in for quite a summer! Usually for us the season is dominated by air shows. This year for various reasons they are taking a bit of a back seat (although we are off to Malta in September for their annual show) and we have replaced them with music. It’s fair to say I’m more than a little bit excited about what we have lined up. We’ll be taking madam to her first festival in August, camping at Escot for The Levellers’ Beautiful Days festival. It’s got a reputation for being really family friendly but the very cool part is that we are going with fellow South West blogger An Exeter Mum and her family.

At the moment though I’m focusing on this weekend. My husband, showing a rare sentimental streak, has booked tickets for the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park. To be more precise it’s part of the Barclaycard British Summertime event. His parents went to their 1969 gig in the park and his late mum was apparently a massive fan. Not being such a fan myself I have been a bit blasé about the whole thing, viewing the fact we were getting a weekend away as a couple, with nanny and grandad babysitting, as the best part. We have never had two nights away from Abi since she was born. Having received the tickets at the weekend though I’m now all systems go. Said tickets aren’t really tickets – they arrived in a box that would comfortably house a shoebox with room to spare – and rather than the paper I expected we’ve  got wristbands and perspex on lanyards. With them came a lot of info about the event and that’s probably what got me most excited.

I knew there were a lot of other acts playing, but hadn’t appreciated that it’s a eleven hour affair resembling a mini-festival. I had only heard of one of the other acts – Jake Bugg – but having spent a bit of time looking them up online I think I’m going to have a hard time deciding which stage I want to be at. There are also three themed areas to enjoy, with different entertainment and food to match the themes. With everything that’s going to be going on the steep ticket prices don’t seem quite so bad.

All in all I’m now really looking forward to the whole thing. My one remaining issue? What to wear!

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One Response to If music be the food of love….

  1. Deets!! I bet it was fab and what great weather for it all too! Can’t believe we only have around four weeks to g for BD!!

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