Yeay – School Holidays

You can almost hear the collective cheer across the country as school children stream out of the gates on the last day of school before the summer holidays. This year the feeling has been building particularly nicely in view of the stunning weather we are having. Although my little darling doesn’t start school until September 2014 our lives have been affected by school holidays virtually from the word Go and I also breathe a big sigh of relief when holidays start.

It sounds a bit odd, and no, not because we have a teacher in the family. The simple reason is that many of the people who support us, for example Advisory Teachers for Hearing and Vision Impaired Children, only work in term time. So the summer holiday provides us with a break from what feels like the ever revolving treadmill of appointments and things that need to be thought about and dealt with. Admittedly we do have a couple of pretty major appointments coming up, but instead of looking in my diary and having difficulty finding a free half day during the week I am actually presented with a choice of days and times.

WP_20130705_002So how will we be enjoying our new found freedom? The answer is the obvious one, given where we live and the weather at the moment. This summer (hoping the longer term forecast is right) you will mostly find us on the beach. While it is scorching inland there has still mostly been a nice breeze here on the coast, and we’re well prepared with our beach shelter and parasol, enough sun lotion to stock a small pharmacy and a big bag to fill with much needed cold drink. Happily A now seems to have mostly overcome her issues with sand so we are making good use of all the buckets and spades we have bought over time and having become more comfortable with water as a result of her recent swimming lessons she’s getting braver about paddling and going beyond ankle depth.

While there are an increasing number of people who have already had enough of this much sun I’m not among them. I figure I’ll get a decent base tan before we go off on holiday in September. It is a worry for those who are more vulnerable to the heat though, so I’m being extra careful with A and keeping an eye on my nan, who is in her late 80s. My only concern  for myself is how on earth we’re going to get tent pegs into the ground if the earth is this well baked come mid August – help!

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