Mia Tui Sofia handbag

I do have an interest in fashion, but I suspect most people who know me would tell you that it doesn’t have much of an impact on my wardrobe. Sadly I have expensive tastes, a small budget and not enough patience or time to go hunting for the best high street equivalents. As a result I tend to stick to tried and tested clothes but have a real thing for bags and shoes. My willpower is very poor and although it’s not long since I bought a lovely leather bag I succumbed to temptation after seeing a friend’s Mia Tui bag and hearing her rave about the brand. After much procrastinating, firstly over which style and then which of the gorgeous colours, I bought a Sofia bag in teal from the website.


I was massively impressed with the super-quick delivery and was delighted when I unpackaged it, finding my beautiful new bag within a branded pink shopper. I love the bright colour, perfect for this sunny weather, although when the real British summer arrives the bag is waterproof. Although I know it’s faux leather other people don’t and a couple have commented on what lovely leather it is, based on looking at it. The main bag has shoulder straps and a detachable shoulder strap. Included are a zip up clear PVC bag with wrist strap and a matching clutch bag with detachable shoulder strap. I have been using the former to keep my small tinted sun lotion tube in case of accidents, although it would also be useful for small items of wet kids’ clothing, and the latter has been purloined by Abi who thinks it is the perfect handbag for her.

There is plenty to love about this bag. It is the perfect size for me, not as cavernous as a change bag but with plenty of space for all my essentials plus all the things you need with a child around like snacks and sun hats, plus glasses, a bag with hearing aid essentials and so on. The neoprene bottle holder is handy and the placing of the mobile phone holder is perfect – so much easier to get at quickly than any other bag I have had. The internal divides and zipped pocket on the back make it easy to stash and then find things again. The small details are the cherry on the cake, and I particularly like the little star on the zipper. Another bonus is that the key clip is elasticated and in the right position to be able to get your keys out and open the door without moving your bag off your shoulder.



I am so impressed with this bag and the value for money it represents that I’m going to have to be really strong, or the Aubergine, Steel Blue and Red, or the matching purse may all find their way into my home too!

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