Getting green fingers

Wow, it’s been a long time! Life has been pretty hectic since I last posted, from the regular appointments for madam, to (finally) moving into our new home via a couple of months residing with my parents, and most recently madam starting school.

We are delighted with our house, even if it did take weeks of cleaning, redecorating, plastering and recarpeting to make it habitable. We’ve been in for a few weeks now, the tide of boxes is subsiding and I am beginning to turn my attention to the garden.

When we arrived the garden was overgrown and the only apparent plant life was pots of bindweed growing more than 7 feet tall, some giant dandelions and various assorted weeds among a few dead roses.

I am loving the chance to potter and clear it all out, and have now started putting things in to make it beautiful. Yesterday my nan and I, ably assisted by little ‘un, planted a number of allium and tulip bulbs. Today I bought some lovely plants which should enjoy a spot in our south facing garden. These should be complimented by the lupins we’ve grown from seed, and the lemongrass destined for the herb/wildlife raised bed.

It has dawned on me that it would be great to keep track of what I am planting and when, so from now on this blog is shaping up to be a bit of gardening journal, with assorted other things liberally sprinkled through. I am sure it’ll be useful for me, when I forget what is what, and I hope others might find it interesting too.

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