Spring is springing!

Since my last post it’s been a cold winter, though no snow for us here, and now signs of spring are all around. It’s a time of year I love, especially with the dark nights now drawing out fast. The bulbs we had just planted have come up and some are in bloom – the narcisusses and crocuses are looking lovely. It has been a nice surprise to find lots of daffs appearing in the borders.

On a larger scale we have been very lucky to have a gardener friend helping me plan what is pretty much a bare canvas of a back garden. We’ve shortlisted the plants we want to include and this week we’re going to sit down, make a planting plan and figure out how many we need of everything. It’s so exciting! For anyone interested in what we have in mind I created a pinterest board so I could get a feel for how they might work together.

And while I have been picking plants that ideally work in a sensory garden, for the benefit of little ‘un, and ones that are good for wildlife, for the benefit of us all, I am feeling very guilty. We have (well, had) two small willow trees in the front. They don’t do a lot for me and I wanted something that provided fruit or berries for the birds. One was also in the way and had to come out. Typically the morning after removing that one the other was playing host to various birds.

Partly through guilt, and partly having been inspired by a visit to Bicton over half term I’ve been shopping this afternoon, and raiding my mum’s garden. I am hoping that my newly acquired sarcococca confusa (sweet or Christmas box) and a strawberry tree will go some way to making it up to the wildlife. Both bear sources of food for the birds, and the sweet box smells lovely. I’m looking forward to getting some planting done, and when I do I’ll share some photos. Wish me luck!

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