About Me

I am in my 30s (although these days sadly closer to my 40s than I’d like) and have lived on the coast in South Devon for the last 10 years. When I got married in Spring 2005 it wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone who knows us that we decided to get married on a beach (not in South Devon, somewhere where the weather is generally a bit better) Pre-child one of our main pleasures in life was scuba diving, both here and abroad. As such it’s fair to say I like the seaside, but am a fan of the great outdoors generally. The crazy ones camping in the pouring rain and having fun in the mud in shorts and wellies? That’ll be us.

When our daughter Abi was born in 2009 we both had visions of the perfect child being delivered, having a bunch of sleepless nights and then our baby turning into a wonderful toddler who would have an amazing childhood enjoying the best of what Devon has to offer. We were mostly right but uncovering one issue after another from day 1, ultimately leading to a diagnosis of CHARGE syndrome, has meant our life isn’t quite how we thought it would be. Having a child with additional needs means a lot of appointments, a lot of time spent on therapies to help them achieve but also a lot of rewards. Expect to see a bit about hearing loss, visual impairment and related SN musings on these pages.


Abi really is the driving force in my life these days, and getting the best for her while maintaining my sanity meant a return to work for just 2 days a week. So it’s safe to say I’m kept pretty busy. When I’m home with her it’s all about having fun, but ideally doing it in ways that sneakily help her progress in one way or another. She adores books, crafting and bouncing around and hanging upside down. We try and get out and about and make the most of all the awesome places on our doorstep, so they’ll probably crop up on the blog too.

When I do have a bit of time to myself I love a good book (and will tolerate a mediocre one) I enjoy the opportunity to play with my camera, quite often at air shows which are a bit of a feature on our summer calendar. Since the tail end of last year (having got my weight back to an acceptable figure) I’ve been trying to improve my fitness and when I can get the time will often be found in the gym (or maybe the steam room and sauna…) I am also a lover of beautiful things and have to try and curb my impulsive side when it comes to shopping.

Before my little darling stopped napping I used to be a pretty prolific book reviewer, and these days I am still PR friendly when it comes to reviewing appropriate items for me and my family.


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